Export MC Numbers

Export MC Numbers

We can import a list of MC numbers for your carriers if you can export them from your software database. Importing MC numbers is the quickest and easiest way to get carriers added to your Carrier411 monitoring list. Provide only the 6-digit MC numbers in a Microsoft Excel file. If possible, please export only the MC numbers for your active carriers.

If you have the MC numbers of your carriers in your brokerage software database, it should be easy to export them to an Excel file. All we need are the MC numbers in one column as shown above. We do not need any other information. You can email the Excel file to import@carrier411.com. Please be sure to include your contact information in the body of the email so we know it's coming from you.

During the import, our system bounces each MC number provided against our master database of every single MC number that exists. When the MC number matches, it adds it to your monitoring list. If an MC number does not match, that means you provided us with an invalid MC number. Our system generates an exclusion report automatically, which gets emailed back to you when the import process is complete. That way you know the bad MC numbers you have in your system, so they can be corrected.

Most transportation management software provides the ability to export data. If you are unsure how to export data, please ask your IT department or contact your software vendor for assistance. We can import your list of MC numbers the same day we receive the data file. You can also add and delete carriers manually. Please call us at (888) 411-9661 to discuss importing your carrier list.

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