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Finally there is an affordable broker agent recruiting solution that is easy to use and will not break your budget. And it has been tested by leading transportation brokers and proven to produce results. If your brokerage currently recruits experienced agents in the highly competitive transportation industry, then look no further than Carrier411 to help grow your network of agents.

Find Broker Agents

Are you tired of running those expensive "broker agent wanted" ads that don't produce results, in addition to wasting time with trainees fresh out of some "broker bootcamp" class that want to be freight broker agents for your company?

If you are a broker agent recruiter, then you know how challenging it can be to find the best candidates. Carrier411 can dramatically improve the success of your recruiting efforts with our Broker Locator feature.

Add Broker Locator for $49.00 Per Month

You could pay thousands of dollars for broker agent recruiting information that doesn't come close to providing the advantages offered by our Broker Locator feature. It's the ideal tool for broker agent recruiting.

Now you can tap into the transportation industry's most valuable nationwide recruiting data already being used by some of the largest brokerages to build their businesses. We don't want to dilute the power of our information, so availability is limited to the first 50 members that upgrade to this premium add-on feature.

Export Data to Microsoft Excel

Not only will you get unlimited access to the most up-to-date information about brokers and freight forwarders in the United States and Canada, but we also provide the ability to export data to Microsoft Excel with the click of a button. Easily save information to your computer to print mailing labels and envelopes, create custom letters and more using print merge capabilities in Microsoft Word.

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Carrier411 can help protect your company from using unqualified, non-compliant and unsafe carriers. Get started today with our Risk-Free Trial Account and use Carrier411 free for 30 days to qualify and monitor your carriers for insurance, authority and safety.

Because our Broker Locator feature is an optional add-on, it is not available on a trial basis and is not available for use during the free 30-day trial period. You must have an active Carrier411 account.