Carrier Alerts

Safety Rating, Insurance and Authority Alerts

Carrier411 lets you monitor your entire carrier base for changes in insurance, operating authority, safety ratings and BASIC scores. Our automated system tracks all carriers, brokers and freight forwarders registered with the FMCSA, and we have archived data since 2004. We instantly alert you throughout the week by email and online when changes occur to the carriers you monitor.

Maintain Qualified Carriers

It may take only one carrier to put your business and customers in jeopardy. Monitoring all of your carriers and receiving alerts about changes in their safety ratings, insurance, authority is critical. Brokers and shippers face increasing liability, and using Carrier411 can prevent your company and dispatchers from assigning loads to carriers that do not meet your qualification standards.

Online Alerts

We make it easy to identify carriers that had recent changes for insurance, authority and safety. You are alerted about changes for the carriers you monitor as soon as you log into your account. You can also choose from a variety of custom reports to evaluate your entire carrier base for compliance and safety within seconds. With our configurable Carrier Qualification Settings, Carrier411 makes it easy to identify your carriers that are acceptable, not acceptable or require management review. Email alerts are also delivered automatically, and they provide a comprehensive list of all your carriers that changed that day, including their current status.

Email Alerts

Provide up to five different email addresses, and each one will receive a comprehensive report when safety ratings, insurance or authority changes are detected for your carriers. You can enable or disable this feature and change email addresses as needed.

Carrier Safety Ratings

There has never been a more effective way to identify the safety ratings of all your carriers. Whenever carrier safety ratings change, you will know. With just one click, get a complete list of all matching carriers, including the safety rating date. You can even export the results to a Microsoft Excel file for easy import into any database. Using our Web Services Interface or CSV File Download, most transportation management software can be integrated to retrieve live information for insurance, authority, carrier safety ratings, BASIC scores and other valuable data needed to keep your software system up to date with the latest changes for any carrier.

Custom Reports Identify Problem Carriers

Much like our features that identifies safety ratings and SMS BASIC scores for your carriers, you can also run reports that size up your carriers with no authority or insurance. Create your Carrier Qualification Report Card and other reports that identify your carriers that are acceptable, not acceptable or require management review, based on your carrier qualification settings. Many reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Recently Activated and Reinstated Carriers

Identify your carriers with active common or contract authority that had previously lost all authority within the past six months. This is a great feature to maintain your carrier base. You can also use our radius search to locate your registered carriers anywhere in the country.

TMS Software Integration

Integration with Carrier411 using our Web Services Interface is available though major TMS software providers including McLeod Software, TMW Systems, WolfByte Software, Strategy Systems, MercuryGate and others. Web services integration lets your brokerage software make on-demand remote procedure calls to interact with our system throughout the day in a real-time environment. We also offer a CSV File Download feature.

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Carrier411 can help protect your company from using unqualified, non-compliant and unsafe carriers. Get started today with our Risk-Free Trial Account and use Carrier411 free for 30 days to qualify and monitor your carriers for insurance, authority and safety.

"Efficiency, timeliness and accuracy of information were among the things we considered when choosing a monitoring service. Carrier411 helps us keep our carrier files updated in the least amount of time by automatically monitoring our carriers for compliance with insurance, permits and safety ratings. The constant updates also help us avoid making errors in using carriers that are no longer licensed or insured."
Debbie Pechuan
G. Roch Consultant

"We use Carrier411 on a daily basis. Every one of our dispatchers use it. It is one of the best innovations we have come across for our brokerage."
Paul Kostovick